Our Main Office address is 1 Huntington Rd, Athens, GA 30606, Suite 103.  

The front desk phone number is 706-369-0970

Directions: The office is located about 2 blocks south of Georgia Square Mall in West Athens.  Coming from downtown Athens, take Atlanta HWY west towards the Mall. Stay in the left lane as you cross over the Loop (I-10; perimieter road) and turn left onto Huntington Rd. at the first light.  Note that this light is just AFTER the Starbucks and a Rafferty's on the left (do not turn onto the Loop access ramp).  Continue down Huntington Rd. past Goodwill and Athens Church on the right, until you reach the end of the road.  Straight ahead there will be a gate into Jennings Mills: turn left just before this gate, into Huntington Executive Park.  The office, #103, is the forth one on the right.