My approach is eclectic and integrationist. What this really means is twofold: first, I believe that individuals are unique. As such, there is no single approach that is the 'correct' one for everyone. I match my work to you and your unique style and needs...I don't expect you to come to me and to fit into my preexisting theoretical mold. Second, it means that I understand that we have a diversity of aspects - thoughts, feelings, beliefs, behaviors, relations, histories, goals - and that these cannot be meaningfully separated in therapy any more than in life.

Having said that, I have training in cognitive-behavioral, phenomenological/existential, psychodynamic, family systems, interpersonal, brief and solution-focused, and other therapeutic models.  I also have training or experience with psychological testing, psychopharmacology, substance abuse, GLBT concerns, mindfulness, motivation, and more.  You can perhaps see why I don't have, or use, a single model or orientation - nobody is that simple.